TransWorld SNOWboarding videos – Second incarnation of Snowboy Productions “The Projects” went down over four days in Trollhaugen, Wisconsin. An idea created by Krush Kulesza and Scott Stevens, The Projects are an adrenaline shot of creative energy injected into the heart of predictable terrain park design. Jesse Paul and Ryan Paul led an amazing crew of 40+ global and local riders as they lapped, tricked and stacked on every line and feature the Trollhaugen park crew was able to build. The whole thing was documented under the unblinking camera eye of Ben McCabe and a community network of extra angles & smartphones. Thank you to David Sutton and everyone at Trollhaugen as well as the support of Salomon Snowboards, Coal Headwear, Bent Metal Binding Works, Crab Grab, and Transworld Snowboarding for making it happen. This was a rad week. This is The Troll Project.

Riders: Jesse Paul / Scott Stevens / Vinny / Brandon Reis / Finn Westbury / Emit Salokar / Austin Julik-Hiene / Garret McKenzie / Zach Zajac / Jeffy Gabrick / Ryan Paul / Jake O.E. / Jordan Daniels / Mike Skiba / Zach Monte / Hunter Murphy / Austin Young / Joe Sexton /Sam Bakken / Cole Linzmeyer / Oliver Dixon / Kyle Kennedy / Aidan Flanagan / Krister Ralles / JJ Westbury / Colin Wilson / Benny Milam / Jill Perkins / Flo Corzelius / Freddy Perry Film and Edit: Ben McCabeAdditional Filming: Chris Duncan / Jake Durham / Dan Tyler / Trevor Anthony / Robbie Wiedes / Zak Peterson
Photo: Stephan Jende Music:Just Be Good to Me, S.O.S. Band / Rolling On, The Murlocs / Taiji no Yume, Sai Yoshiko